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Little Acorns childrens’ parties

Childrens’ parties last for 45 minutes and cost £100 for children up to 6 years old. You get a FREE Little Acorns CD as a present.

Baby And Toddler Music Classes in Putney, SW15

Introducing babies and toddlers, aged 6 months – 3 years, to the joys of making music with regular fun-packed half-hour classes with action songs, dancing, dressing up and instrument playing with live music led by experienced singer/guitarist David Fisher.

All the tunes are traditional, so parents and child-minders can join in with such classics as “The Wheels On The Bus”, “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”, etc. Now in its 15th successful year, to date, Little Acorns has welcomed more than 1500 local families.

Join a group at any time during a term and pay pro-rata. No hassle make-up sessions available. Groups are not separated into ages so siblings are not split up. Workshops are available during school term times and during the long Summer Holiday break.

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“David Fisher’s music classes are pitched and paced just right, so that the babies and toddlers never have time to get restless… where fun continues to be the operative principle”
London Evening Standard

Testimonials from past and present Little Acorns parents and carers

Below is just a small sample of positive feedback we’ve had over the years. You can find plenty more real testimonials here.

David puts so much into these classes making them highly entertaining and fun. Lots of themes – adult participation (us mums enjoy it as much) – Ben especially loves the “Drunken Sailor” days – good way for the children to use up lots of energy! Baby Grace just sleeps through the classes. Heaven.
David’s Little Acorns music group is fun. The children enjoy it and so do the parents and carers. Elysia has been going since she was 9 months and she is now 2 1/3 yrs and almost going to nursery. I am absolutely sure it has helped 100% in her development in speech, rhythm and social skills. Her favourite song is the ABC song which she can sing almost word perfect now.
Great opportunity for kids to have a great time learning in a fun and encouraging environment. David makes music and singing great fun. Even the big kids have fun!!!
Both my children have benefited enormously from David’s music classes. They both have a great sense of rhythm and love music. Little Acorns is the highlight of our week!

What does a typical session look like?

The video below was shot during one of our regular baby and toddler classes and will give you an idea what to expect. Don’t forget you can come along any Tuesday or Wednesday for a free trial session. Please just give me a call or send me an email in advance so I have an idea of numbers for each class.

Who is David Fisher?

I am a published composer and singer/songwriter and busy music producer and run my own recording studio.

I started Little Acorns music classes for babies and toddlers after working for Blueberry Playsongs for over 6 years. It started as a student job and I found that I was really good at it (one of the few things I don’t feel a need to be falsely modest about) and enjoyed it so much that that it took over my life!

I’m a regular composer of music for Oxford University Press educational children’s courses, including working with extraordinarily successful children’s writer Julia Donaldson on Alphabet Songs for the “eSong Birds” Phonics DVD used by schools all over the UK. I have co-written hundreds of tunes for other OUP CD/books sold around the world for school national curriculums. One title, “Three in a Tree” received a British Council Award.

I also write musicals for schools published by Lazy Bee Scripts.

How do the different ages benefit from our toddler music classes?

Music is a good foundation for early years’ learning.

Your baby’s brain is full of billions of neurons, which, in the first year, form connections with other neurons, developing neural pathways. These strengthen further with continued sensory stimulation, such as music, dancing and interaction with others.

As growing children are exposed to this sensory-rich environment, they develop both gross-and-fine motor skills (dexterity/co-ordination) through instrument playing (percussion) and performing hand-actions to songs, allowing them to practice self-expression/communication and in turn, building on their confidence.

Through imitation and singing, children learn the sounds and meanings of words, aiding memory, and thus they begin to learn vocabulary. This accelerates their language acquisition and reading skills.

As your little ones interact with their parents/carers and other children in the class, they will develop social skills and make new friends, enhancing the fun!

By introducing your child to music, he or she may later want to learn to play an instrument, which according to studies, can improve academic skills (especially mathematical learning), as well as refine discipline and patience, and boost self-esteem.

In addition to the developmental benefits of music, it enhances our mood, reduces anxiety and stress, can even improve healing, but above all, it provides us with joy! What’s not to love?!

Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast, To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.From The Mourning Bride (1697) by William Congreve, English playwright and poet.


Focus on fun – why do kids learn by enjoying themselves?

My experience of education was that I learnt best when I was engaged by in fun, lighthearted atmosphere by an enthusiastic energetic teacher. Raising children is a serious business, of course, but nothing beats raising a smile and a giggle with a cheerful action song, or an enthusiastic group of people making comedy animals noises, scratching and hooting like monkeys, stomping around like elephants or snaking around a room as a human train. I like to think of it a focussed excitement on fun music and dance which helps improve motor skills, co-operation, concentration and language skills and strengthens the bonds between preschool children and their siblings, carers, nannies, mums, dads, and visiting grandparents.

There’s a lot of other local musical activities for babies classes, Monkey Music, Jo Jingles, Bea’s Baby Music and Tin Pan Annie to name a few. I don’t see us as being in competition – we are all encouraging the musical side of child development in different ways. Clients will gravitate towards a style of class that they feel comfortable with whether it’s pre-recorded musical backings or a live musical experience with a real musician. It’s probably best to sample us all before settling on one or even try a few terms of each for variety. You can’t provide a wide enough enjoyable experience for babies and toddlers as long as you don’t overwhelm them!


By structuring the sessions as weekly themes there is no concept of “academic progress” involved. Anyone should be able too come to any session and not feel they are missing anything. Each session stands alone and should have something for everyone. I try to encourage as much participation as possible from the older kids as well as the adults by asking questions about the featured pictures I post on the wall relevant to that week’s theme. Themes rotate over a three month cycle and include “The Farm”, “Space, “Jungle Animals”, “The Seaside”, “The Weather”, “Food”, “Pet Animals”, “Transport” as well as many others. There are also seasonal one-offs for Christmas, Easter, May Day, St Patrick’s Day and even Burns night. When I’m in the mood I even dress up from time to time in appropriate costumes – as a jungle explorer, spaceman, chef, pirate, rabbit, festive elf, etc.

There are two reasons that I mix all the age groups together, advertising my classes for babies AND toddlers:

Firstly it’s simply a practicality – family diaries are so full these days that segregating the classes by age groups only reduces the choice of days and times for clients.

Secondly I really think it makes for a better communal experience – the toddlers love to show off in front of the little ones, and the babies are fascinated by all the happy activity of their older peers and siblings that takes place all around them.