Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I join Little Acorns at any time during the term?
A. Yes you can join a group at any time you want.

Q. If I do do I have to pay for the whole term or pro-rata?
A. You only pay from the week you start ’til the end of the term. I can give you an instant pro rata calculation on request.

Q. Are there different workshops for different age groups?
A. Not at the moment – people seem to have such tight schedules, to try to separate age groups would lead to chaos. It seems to work mixing the ages, as long as the older kid’s “enthusiasm” doesn’t put the babies in any peril.

Q. How long has Little Acorns been running?
A. I have been running Little Acorns groups in Putney since 2002 – Prior to that I worked for Blueberry Playsongs at the same venue for 6 years.

Q. Can I make up for workshops missed due to illness or holiday?
A. Yes within reason… If you miss one day you can come to another day that week, or if you miss a whole week, you can do two sessions in the following week. If you can check with me before just turning up that would be best because some groups are very full and best avoided, but if you can’t get in touch with me then come whenever suits you and we will squeeze you in.

Q. Can I pay per session?
A. I have let a few people do this but only under extreme circumstances such as: You are having a new baby and will have to stop coming when it arrives, or you are moving house or leaving the country at some time beyond your control. This saves the complication of refunds for everyone.

Q. Is there a maximum number of children per session?
A. Yes and no – I try to limit the groups to around 12 kids max – some groups have grown beyond that – I always try to deflect people to smaller groups, but don’t like to turn people away altogether. As long as people are happy then I am happy – the room at St Mary’s is large and pretty well ventilated so the fuller groups shouldn’t feel too squeezed!

Q. Can I get a refund if I leave during a pre-paid term for whatever reason?
A. Yes, of course, although you need to tell me you want one immediately. I pay the church weekly based on the number of kids that come, so if you delay asking for your refund, I will have to deduct the amount I have paid to hire the room up until you have requested your refund because I will already have paid the church!

Q. How long are the workshops?
A. 30 minutes.

Q. Do you run workshops during the school holidays?
A. Yes, I offer groups throughout the long Summer Holiday. We do have a couple of weeks off at Christmas and Easter though.

Q. What happens in a Little Acorns music workshop?
A. I play guitar and lead the group in the singing of well-known nursery rhymes, action songs and poems. All the kids get to play some instruments – rattles, whistles, drums, etc. We have lots of bouncing about, a bubble machine, an occasional visit from my furry puppet friend Sidney. Each week is themed and the songs and pictures reflect this – Jungle, Farmyard, Outer Space, etc. Sometimes we do some simple dressing up to get us in the mood.

Q. Where did you get that bubble machine?
A. I got it from the Early Learning Centre.

Q. Can I buy copies of the Little Acorns CDs?
A. Of course – Volume One and Two are available either from me at the group, or by going to Amazon for Volume 1 and Volume 2. They are also available on iTunes and many other digital retailers.

Q. Is Little Acorns a multinational corporation?
A. No – it is a one-man band, so if I make a mistake I am happy to take full responsibility – all feedback is welcome – positive or negative. I want to offer the best music groups possible so I need to know your views.

Q. Do you have any kids of your own?
A. I have a daughter who was born in August 2003 and a son who was born in August 2005.