Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Guitar lessons from Little Acorns

Did you wish you had learnt the guitar when you were small? Think how great it would be for your kids to have a lifelong musical skill! Enquire today about our new guitar lessons.

  • Quality guitar tuition in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Lessons customised to fit each student’s needs
  • Learn step by step at your own pace
  • Scheduling is flexible! Regular slots available
  • Group sessions for siblings and friends

What do we do in a guitar lesson?

Our budding guitarists will learn from a structured framework involving posture, technique and repertoire. Units such as strumming, plucking and developing compositional skills will be enjoyed with a wide range of genres, songs and special compositions.

Our Guitar Lessons will be organised in groups of up to 6 students to keep budgets under control. Parents are welcome to join in and learn alongside their children at no extra cost.

I can provide lessons at St Mary’s Church in Putney and am also affiliated with a music school in Croydon. For other possible locations, please do ask!

I’m not offering to teach towards grade examinations at this stage.

There are also plans for a ukulele group and even short songwriting workshops (I’ve written and produced hundreds of published songs for my band/musicals/education projects for Oxford University Press and even co-written a TV theme with an Ivor Novello winner!)

Help your child gain a lifelong love and understanding of music during our fun guitar lessons which have clear goals that the children can realistically achieve.

Email now to be added to the waiting list here: