Kids’ Parties

Childrens parties provided by Little Acorns

Childrens’ parties last for 45 minutes and cost £100 for children up to 6 years old. You get a FREE Little Acorns CD as a present.

I have run over 200 Little Acorns birthday kids’ parties over the years. I cut these right down when my kids were small because I wanted to be around at the weekends when most parties seemed to happen. My kids are now teenagers so I’m more free again!

If you would like a Little Acorns Party in the Putney area on a weekday or weekend please contact me with a time, venue and parking information along with your child’s name and age and some indication as to the numbers attending.

What I bring along

I arrive with my guitar, a box of kids’ instruments, my puppet friend Sydney and some dance music and bubbles. I can do requests given warning but mainly stick to the well known age-appropriate kids’ action songs and family singalongs.

For more information contact me here: