Thanks to the lovely Little Acorns Parents and Carers for their fantastic recent feedback!
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“Delightful happy atmosphere – the only music class I have been to where all the children dance freely/spontaneously.”

“A wonderful opportunity for babies and toddlers to develop an early sense of rhythm”

“My husband and I are only allowed to listen to Little Acorns [the CD] in the car since we started coming to David’s fabulous classes!”

“We really enjoy our music class each week – it sets us off in a great mood for the rest of the day.”

“Since we stared coming to [Little] Acorns Eric makes us sing every day.”

“It is a very good way to learn English when you are a foreigner and a good way to make friends.”

“Very good for the children to learn singing and English and to meet their friends.”

“It really brings the kids out of themselves, giving them confidence. They love coming to this class.”

“Max loves his weekly music class and loves to show his parents the action songs when he gets home. A great introduction to musical concepts and instruments.”

“Georgia loves coming to “songing” as she calls it. She loves to dance and sing. This class is a great introduction to music and instruments.”

“Edward loves his weekly Little Acorns session. David is excellent.”

“David puts so much into these classes making them highly entertaining and fun. Lots of themes – adult participation (us mums enjoy it as much) – Ben especially loves the “Drunken Sailor” days – good way for the children to use up lots of energy! Baby Grace just sleeps throught the classes. Heaven.”

“David’s Little Acorns music group is fun. The children enjoy it and so do the parents and carers. Elysia has been going since she was 9 months and she is now 2 1/3 yrs and almost going to nursery. I am absolutely sure it has helped 100% in her development in speech, rhythm and socal skills. Her favourite song is the ABC song which she can sing almost word perfect now.”

“Little Acorns is a great introduction to music for the little ones. David puts a lot of effort into varying the songs they sing each week with different themes. Lucy loves it and especially enjoys the “instrument” time.”

“Great fun. Well though out, humorous and my little boy loves them – especially instrument time and the bubbles!”

“Kassie 2 1/2 yrs Freya 10 mnths both really enjoy this music group and sing all the songs at home also.”

“Our 3 year old has a great time at music. There’s always lots of variety, and David makes it fun and exciting.”

“Georgia loves David’s music classes – lots of activities and singing and the classes are always well planned.”

“Great opportunity for kids to have a great time learning in a fun and encouraging environment. David makes music and singing great fun. Even the big kids have fun!!!”

“Lottie loves Little Acorns music. She is always singing at home and has become more confident since she has come here. David is fun and we think it’s the best music class in Putney.”

“Catie loves “Little Acorns” and sings along to the CD at home. Libby is only 5 months but loves it. Great fun!”

“Something which Eliza and I look forward to every Thursday!”

“Little Acorns is lots of fun and not rigid like some activity groups.”

“A music workshop which is so much more – a fun filled learning experience – a new theme each week keeps it refreshing.”

“Good fun for both children and adults. Always thoroughly enjoyed.”

“A varied and interesting introduction to traditional songs and music.”

“A truly lively and original music group. Enjoyable for both young and old.”

“What a fantastic way to start the day with Little Acorns music class. Ella loves it!”

“A highlight in the week “

“I appreciate the forethought that goes into the session. The pictures are great and the bubble machine is a big hit.”

“Great fun, with different themes and atmospheric sprays too!”

“Dave is full of fun and enthusiasm and the children love it.”

“Both my children have benefited enormously from David’s music classes. They both have a great sense of rhythm and love music. Little Acorns is the highlight of our week!”

“Little Acorns is enormous fun – both of my children look forward to the weekly classes.”

“Dave is full of enthusiasm and works hard to come up with themes and costumes to add to the fun.”

“Little Acorns is the highlight of my daughter’s week!! As it was my son’s pre-school. David is a star!!”

“David welcomes children of all ages. His classes are fun and inventive – a mixture of his own songs and well known favourites – a must for of under 4s.”

“David’s class is brilliant!”

“Little Acorns is excellent. Both my children have loved it.”

“David’s class is brilliant. I agree with other comments.”

“David can relate to young children better than any other baby music teacher I have come across.”

“David is quite mad. The children (and adults) love him.”

“We enjoy our music – it’s great fun! David’s fab!”

“My twins love David’s music class and spend bathtime singing all the songs.”

“My two year old soaks it all up and is constantly singing the songs on the bus… down the street… in the bath… at the table…”

“A lively magical experience, goes far and beyond just a music class.”

“What can I say – you are a tradition in our household!”

“My three kids have loved your classes. My youngest aspires to be David, wants to know when he can have a ‘David Guitar’ and give impromtu concerts at home.”